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The Advantages of OTT Bundling - Insights from Verimatrix

Parks Associates’ Future of Video: OTT, PayTV, and Digital Media continues on Thursday, September 22 with the virtual session Digital Piracy and Distribution from 11 AM to 1:30 PM CT. This session will address addresses how content providers are using technology to combat piracy, while still preserving quality of service, quality of experience, and the quality of the customer relationship. Prior to the session, Matthew Fite, Chief Technology Officer, Verimatrix, provided insights on the benefits of bundling for service providers. 

What are the key advantages of OTT bundling partnerships for service providers? What are the potential future trends, opportunities, and challenges?

Bundling is a great way to create value and retain consumers. As consumers evaluate their discretionary spending, they are becoming more and more savvy. They have learned that they can expect a higher quality of service provided by their operators, with lower billing friction. It’s an opportunity to create a reason for a consumer to stay, rather than to churn. It allows them to feel in control.

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