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Smart Home

As Consumers Adopt More Devices Smart Homes Become More Complicated

More device offerings and connected ecosystems are present in the market now compared to a decade ago. However, the ability of devices to work in tandem with other devices (even in different ecosystems) has also increased. Initiatives like matter (although not yet fully implemented) that are aimed at bridging remaining gaps in interoperability and device compatibility are being committed to by tech giants and smaller developers alike and will help simplify consumers’ experience as shoppers and users of smart homes devices. The stated goal of developers is to continue to create a more seamless user interface that does not require buyers to specialize within a given ecosystem.

In theory, device owners will be able to select the devices that best suit their needs and budget while not having to worry about any issues integrating these devices into existing networks/ecosystems. Adopting a standard approach to device communication would also simplify the development process and allow manufacturers to focus their time on improvements and more innovative features.

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