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Connected Health Summit 2023 – Speaker Highlight – Christopher Berke, Director of Offer Management, Digital Healthcare, Eaton

Christopher Berke, Director of Offer Management, Digital Healthcare, is a seasoned executive with a passion for digital healthcare. He joined Eaton in 2021 to lead the company's Digital Healthcare organization. In this role, Christopher has been instrumental in developing Eaton's energy-based Activities of Daily Living insights offering, which leverages inferential sensing capabilities to provide valuable insights into households' behaviors such as movement, nourishment, and hygiene, based on energy and water data. 

Christopher Berke is speaking at Connected Health Summit, at the Dallas Cowboys home at The Star in Frisco, Texas next week May 23-25, hosted by Parks AssociatesConnected Health Summit is a three-day executive conference focused on the impact of connected devices and IoT healthcare solutions on consumers at home.

Here are some of his industry insights below:


Delivering care at home is of course a pretty different model compared to what we’ve done in the past. What are some of the challenges that come with delivering care at home?

Every home is different, making whole-home monitoring difficult to get right and support care. Yet every home uses electricity. At Eaton, we developed a novel approach: smart ambient monitoring leverages granular electricity data and connected home technology to monitor activities of daily living—filling gaps left by other monitoring solutions. 


What technologies do you think will have the biggest near-term impact on connected health applications in the home?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already delivering a powerful impact by making sense of vast amounts of disparate data. At Eaton’s Center for Intelligent Power, we’re putting these tools to work, empowering care providers with a more complete picture of patients’ activities of daily living and enabling predictive capabilities that drive better outcomes and reduce workloads for overextended providers. 


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