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Insights From Parks Associates Roundtable New Era of Security: Scaling AVS-01 through Innovation & Leadership Sponsored by Ubiety Technologies

Parks Associates recently held the roundtable, New Era of Security: Scaling AVS-01 through Innovation & Leadership, sponsored by Ubiety Technologies

In this virtual session, industry leaders from across the residential security ecosystem talk about next steps with AVS-01, with a focus on getting to scale with urgency. Leaders also address how their organizations are offering technologies, new processes, partnerships, and marketing resources to put AVS-01 into action and educate law enforcement partners on the standard.

Read more for insights from Rapid Response Monitoring, Johnson Controls, Brinks Home, Ubiety Technologies, Inc., and ADT during, New Era of Security: Scaling AVS-01 through Innovation & Leadership.

Morgan Hertel, Vice President of Technology & Innovation, Rapid Response Monitoring
⭐ What we didn’t want in the industry is for everyone to make their own rules
⭐ You’re going to see more of this data become relevant to AVS-01 we can now change the workload depending on what’s needed for the alarm.
⭐ Before we had very little data but with AI we’ve been able to evolve and change the customer experience and safety of life-changing events

Greg Mora, Executive Director, Johnson Controls
⭐ What we’re really talking about is “what’s going on in the physical world?”
⭐ The professionally monitored industry is the strongest foundational point to bring the smart home of the future. We’re giving better context to have higher quality monitoring.
⭐ Using applied AI to sense the physical and digital realm. Using these can be modeled and speed the identification of what’s going on and send signals to the monitoring center.

Veronica Moturi, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Brinks Home
⭐ DIY and self-installation has definitely muddied what’s happening with false alarms.
⭐ You only know what you’re passed information when you call and that starts to question from a consumer: What am I paying for?
⭐ Being able to contact the person that’s there and validate if it’s a false alarm, the length of time is important for the customer to know their alarm system is working.

Keith Puckett, Co-Founder and CEO, Ubiety Technologies, Inc.
⭐ To get law enforcement the right information to respond, it has to be able to verify that it was a human on the property.
⭐ It’s really hard to detach someone from a phone for how ubiquitous it is, and we’re using it as a tool to alarms in the home.
⭐ When you deliver value I believe the industry as we see it today will go into a big acceleration of growth.

Donald Young, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, ADT
⭐ The critically of false alarms have shifted into law enforcement capacity and situational awareness.
⭐ AI is playing a larger role than I expected even from a year or two ago. It’s a popular term and we weren’t sure of its practicality but anyone who hasn’t looked into how AI can bring value to their business is already behind the times.
⭐ We are all about right now delivering convenience and leveraging AI in safety.

Missed the live session? Watch the full roundtable here.

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