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Solving False Alarms: Bringing New Context for Monitoring
About half of system owners say their security system triggers too many false alarms.

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Solving False Alarms: Bringing New Context for Monitoring

This white paper examines a significant problem facing the security industry - false alarms - including the costs and potential solutions. It also analyzes the impact of the new Alarm Validation Standard introduced by The Monitoring Association (TMA-AVS-01). The paper highlights the impact of false alarms on public safety, with emergency responders often diverted from genuine security events to respond to false alarms, and the provisions in the TMA-AVS-01 designed to reduce false alarms while still ensuring proper responses for actual emergencies.

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Ubiety develops solutions that enable situational awareness for residential, commercial, and government security applications. Ubiety can sense, categorize, and identify people and their presence in a location using the devices they are carrying. Ubiety's proprietary AI engine ingests high-velocity radio frequency data and generates real-time inferences about a person's identity using only passive RF signaling (wifi, Bluetooth, and cellular). This unique dataset can significantly reduce false alarm rates by providing the context necessary to augment alarm monitoring providers' confirmation, verification, and notification procedures. Learn more:

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