Device Connectivity Will Become Less Fragmented in the Future: Insights from

by Parks Associates | Feb. 15, 2022

At Design & Construction Week, Parks Associates—in collaboration with LG Electronics—recently led industry executives in discussions on consumer attitudes and behaviors towards new smart home technologies and connected devices. Here are insights from Madison Saab, Channel Manager, Builder Program,, who participated in the panel, “State of the Smart Home” at the LG booth on the KBIS Show Floor.

What are some of the new home services that manufacturers are introducing to extend the value of smart home devices in ways that add convenience to consumers’ lifestyles? What key challenges impact each service?

AI driven diagnostic services allow for proactive device maintenance though a challenge for this is the need to continue aligning remote and on-site maintenance services across different trades. We are also seeing more Self-Guided Tours that allow builders and buyers more flexible touring options. While it is necessary for the integration of security between tours, has achieved this through an integration with UTour.

How do consumers view technology now versus before the Pandemic?

Technology has become a vital for remote work and school and the extra time at home has triggered a surge of at-home projects, often leading to the purchase of more connected devices.

How has the rise of DIY security impacted adoption of home security solutions?

Our partners embrace flexibility and creativity, so we don’t need to look at it as just DIY vs Professionally Installed. Our dealer partners run the gamut from DIY to a hybrid to a fully professional installed system. While many people prefer professionally installed, the solutions can be customized to the home and what additional solutions beyond security each end user is comfortable handling.

Can you comment on subscription based services and the future of connectivity for consumers?

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with subscription-based services. Device connectivity will become less fragmented in the future with platform solutions, like, which can offer one unified platform for all connected devices. The right subscription service should also provide privacy of data and the protection of data which will be a common theme for years to come.

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