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Expectations vs. Reality: Enhancing Alarm Monitoring Response
87% of security owners say reliable and fast response to security events was important to their system purchase decision.

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Expectations vs. Reality: Enhancing Alarm Monitoring Response

This white paper highlights how security providers are actively adding revenues through new technology and response options, including private guard services, and ensuring fast response during security
events, which differentiates their offerings from competitors. It highlights consumer expectations for professionally monitored security, including insights into the gap between reality and expectations for quick police response. The research also highlights consumer views on response times, including familiarity with and perception of fines, as well as the role of public resources for reliable safety and response.

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When an alarm is triggered, RSPNDR allows alarm companies to deliver dramatically faster response times, with a software platform delivers end-to-end automation of key processes, saving alarm companies time and making guards and monitoring personnel more profitable, cost-effective, and productive. RSPNDR connects monitoring stations to a fast-growing, ondemand network of licensed mobile guards who quickly respond to alarms based on who is closest to the incident location.

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