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Q1 2021

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Networked Cameras

A networked or Internet protocol (IP) camera is a networked digital video camera that transmits data from the camera, either wirelessly or through a hardwired Ethernet connection, to the Internet.  Networked cameras can be accessed and controlled via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Networked cameras are most often used for video surveillance as a replacement for analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring. Networked cameras are offered in a variety of form factors, including standard standalone cameras (used for security, baby/child monitoring, and pet monitoring), video doorbells (replace analog doorbells, use push-button and motion sensor to trigger video recording/streaming and two-way audio communication), and all-in-one cameras (multisensor devices that combine camera with sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, air quality, and a siren/alarm).


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