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SmartThings Speaker Highlight - Smart Energy Summit

Barry Holland is SmartThings' Director of Product & Growth. He was able to join us at our 2024 Smart Energy Summit Conference, co-located with DISTRIBUTECH, where he shared his insights on our panel: Advancements in Smart Energy Devices: Pioneering a Green Home.

See more insights from Holland below:

Strategic Vision: How does your company plan to integrate distributed energy resources (DERs) into home energy management systems, and what is the strategic vision for this integration?
SmartThings has already completed cloud-to-cloud integrations with many of the leading electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and solar manufacturers in the U.S. market. We will continue to do this as well as grow the distributed energy resource (DER) ecosystem for SmartThings Energy users. Having the ability to orchestrate and control these DERs, with underlying AI, is crucial to our Net Zero Homes vision and delivering real savings to consumers in a set-and-forget manner.

Consumer Benefits: In what ways do your in-home energy efficiency programs benefit consumers directly, especially in terms of cost savings and environmental impact?
Most consumers are flying blind in terms of what contributes the most to their electric bill every month. We not only believe in not just educating consumers and providing insights at the appliance level, but also giving them the ability to take action to optimize their appliance use. Ultimately, this results in consumers saving money and lowering their carbon footprint.

Technology Implementation: What emerging technologies are you currently focusing on to enhance home energy management and energy efficiency?
SmartThings is focusing on AI to provide unique recommendations and a delightful customer experience (i.e., making everything set-and-forget for the customer) while still delivering significant savings. SmartThings is confident Matter and HCA will contribute to this effort from an interoperability perspective as well.

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