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Resideo Joins Smart Energy Summit 2024 as Lunch Sponsor

Resideo has announced they will be joining Parks Associates' Smart Energy Summit 2024 conference as a Lunch Sponsor.

Smart Energy Summit is a conference with different events throughout the year, featuring the latest consumer research and industry insights on the primary factors driving consumers to adopt energy management solutions, including discussion and analysis of the latest utility programs, smart energy solutions, and DER.

Resideo creates technology and smart solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ lives. Helping to protect time, water, air, energy, home, those we care for and our planet. They're imagining a world where homes and buildings are good for the planet, where technology works to simplify everyday life. In that world, people are healthy, happy and secure. They're working to simplify the connected world so people have peace of mind and can focus on what matters most.

As lunch sponsor, Resideo is supporting Parks Associates throughout the 2024 events, including the in-person Smart Energy Summit at DISTRIBUTECH which takes place February 27-28, 2024.

To learn more about Resideo, visit:

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