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DERMS: Solar, Storage and Microgrids

Purchase intentions for distributed energy resources have steadily increased. Distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) can play a vital role for utilities as they manage traditional capabilities and distributed energy resources, like solar and energy storage.

On February 24 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Parks Associates is hosting its DERMS: Solar, Storage and Microgrids session, featuring visionary speaker Manish Pant, Executive VP, Home and Distribution, Schneider Electric. 

This session concludes with an interactive panel where Suleman Khan, CEO, Swell Energy, Rory Lewis, Director, Utility Solutions, North America, Mprest, Peter Lilienthal, Global Microgrid Lead, HOMER Energy by UL, Christopher Turner, Director of Community Solar, Arcadia address the role of DERMS in the shift away from a centralized, one-way electrical grid and in creating opportunities for new value streams for end users and other partners.

Sponsors include Bidgely, Austin Energy, Ossiaco, and FLO.

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