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One-third of OTT subscribers have signed up for a service through a content aggregator

Future of Video addresses new trends and strategies focused on content aggregation, with executives from TELUS, Comcast Technology Solutions, IRIS.TV, Philo, and more

New research from Parks Associates shows content aggregators are gaining ground on direct and bundling methods for signing up new subscribers—33% of OTT subscribers have subscribed to at least one service through an aggregator platform as of 3Q 2021. Parks Associates will virtually host “Content Aggregation” on Thursday, February 10, starting at 11:00 AM CT US, as part of the fifth annual Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media conference series, to examine the changing trends in subscription methods and strategies to attract new subscribers and keep consumers engaged.

Future of Video, sponsored by Symphony MediaAI, Comcast Technology Solutions, and Metrological, brings together industry leaders featuring visionary speakers, interactive panel discussions, and analyst presentations and provides in-depth consumer and industry research on video services.

“Content Aggregation” features an executive spotlight session with Amit Nag, VP, Entertainment and Education, TELUS, and two interactive panels, “New Video Strategies: Reaching Consumers” and “Data and Measurements: New Strategies for Video Services,” with the following panelists:

  • Nii Addy, Chief Marketing Officer, Philo
  • Scott Barton, Chief Product Officer, MyBundle.TV
  • Fred Godfrey, Co-Founder CEO, Origin
  • John Hamilton, Founder and CEO, TVDataNow
  • Brett Jensen, Director, Solutions,
  • Garrett MacDonald, Chief Commercial Officer, IRIS.TV
  • Brian Ring, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Amagi
  • David Sanderson, Founder & CEO, Reelgood
  • Bart Spriester, VP, GM, Content and Streaming Providers Suite, Comcast Technology Solutions

“It's an honor to be invited by Parks Associates to speak at the Future of Video Series,” said John Hamilton, Founder and CEO, TVDataNow. “It's an exciting time to be in the CTV space. With more budgets coming from digital as opposed to linear TV, and the potential for someone to solve the attribution problem, I look forward to a spirited conversation with my fellow panelists.”

"There's a triangle of success with every campaign...audience, content, context,” said Garrett MacDonald, Chief Commercial Officer, IRIS.TV. “While the industry focuses on audience, increasing legislation and significant headwinds make that a very risky area to place your bets, and yet many companies are scrambling to build tech to solve problems related to audience without access to content and context data. Until recently, the ad tech and CTV ecosystem lacked any standard for video data connectivity to enable marketers to leverage content and context data for planning, targeting, verification, and measurement purposes. We’re bringing the ‘Future of TV’ to the present so marketers can now, for the first time, align their creative with relevant content and context to optimize premium video and CTV campaigns."

“Our industry is at an exciting inflection point in innovation, and I particularly look forward to discussing how the latest smart technologies can support content owners, operators, and advertisers at Parks Associates’ upcoming Future of Video conference,” said Bart Spriester, VP, GM, Content and Streaming Providers Suite, Comcast Technology Solutions.

"The recent stock volatility within the streaming sector has spooked some investors, but I believe it's just a sign of growing pains," said David Sanderson, Founder & CEO, Reelgood, the leading guide for streaming content. "As the market focuses on the long-term economics for these businesses, there will be some inevitable consolidation. But what hasn't changed is that consumers are still cutting conventional cable packages and moving to streaming subscription services. They are following the content. And the latest research shows they want to simplify the experience, seeking better ways to find what to watch and where to watch it across all services — that's a major opportunity for aggregation."

"I'm thrilled to participate in Future of Video at a time when audiences are rapidly shifting to streaming video platforms and viewer engagement and combating churn are moving to the forefront of industry leader's agendas," said Fred Godfrey CEO and co-founder of Origin. "Tackling these problems requires advertisers to deliver engaging content that spurs consumers to action, fueling first-party data collection to enable them to reach the right audiences at the right time. I look forward to coming together with leading minds in the industry to discuss how we can address some of the most significant challenges impacting video advertising today."

Future of Video will host an in-person conference in December 2022, with virtual sessions throughout the year:

  • March 10: Digital Piracy and Distribution
  • May 5: OTT Churn: Marketing and Retention Strategies
  • July 21: Personalization and the New Video Viewer
  • September 22:  Distribution Strategies

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Future of Video brings together senior leaders to share insights on new trends in the video and connected entertainment industries, with insights on consumer adoption, churn, and spending. The event provides insight into successful OTT strategy deployments, challenges for pay-TV providers, the role of connected CE in the growth of video viewing, new content formats, and the overall impact to the video market.