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The FCC Pulled A Game-Changer

While government is often well intentioned, the end result is often lacking. This ruling, however, is huge and will affect everyone within the TV hardware and software ecosystems, from content creators to brands to consumers and ISPs. More so, if we are to look at the overarching trend in TV content delivery, consumers have spoken: they want digitization. Google in Q3 of 2015 alone sold 9.2 million Chromecast units, accounting for 35% share of the streaming devices market in that same quarter, according to JPMorgan, Apple is expected to sell 24 million units of the new Apple TV this year, and market intelligence firm Parks Associates estimates that more than 1 in 5 US broadband homes has an OTT device.

From the article "The FCC Pulled A Game-Changer" by Jacek Grebski.

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