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Smart Home Owners Grow Increasingly Concerned About Cybersecurity

According to Parks Associates, 54% of U.S. internet households report experiencing a data privacy or security issue over the last 12 months, an increase of 50% since 2018.

The consumer technology research firm’s “Privacy and Data Protection for Connected Devices” report finds that an increasing number of consumers are becoming wary of connected devices, as 62% of smart home device owners express apprehension about unauthorized access and control of their devices.

Jennifer Kent, vice president of research at Parks Associates, says the smart home industry and service providers must prioritize these concerns and introduce more security controls into their products.

“After interoperability, the top reasons consumers gravitate to certain providers of smart home products are user experience and trust – trust that the company will properly handle personal data, and trust that the company will be present for the long haul,” Kent says.

From the article, "Smart Home Owners Grow Increasingly Concerned About Cybersecurity" by Zachary Comeau

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