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Prime Video stays top of Parks Associates’ List of US Subscription Video Services

Amazon’s Prime Video has retained the top spot in Parks Associates’ Top 10 List of US Subscription Video Services with Paramount+ moving ahead of ESPN+ for the first time.

The research firm reports that 89% of broadband households have at least one OTT service, 41% have used an AVOD service in the past 30 days, and 29% subscribe to eight or more OTT subscriptions.

“The market for subscription services is saturated, and consumers continue to experiment with ad-supported services as they evaluate their budgets,” said Eric Sorensen, Director of the Streaming Video Tracker at Parks Associates. Sorensen confirmed a continued shift toward FAST and AVOD services, as well as the bundling of channels, services, and creative distribution partnerships.

Top 10 US Subscription Streaming Video Services: 2023
1. Prime Video
2. Netflix
3. Hulu
4. Disney+
5. MAX
6. Paramount+
7. ESPN+
8. Peacock
9. Apple TV+
10. YouTube Premium

Source: Parks Associates

From the article, "Prime Video stays top of Parks Associates’ List of US Subscription Video Services" by Julian Clover

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