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Nearly 20% of US households have over 3 Apple devices

Apple devices are a mainstay of US households. The portfolio of devices are so frequent around the United States, that almost a fifth of the population is an Apple loyalist.

Parks Associates, a market research firm conducted a quarterly survey of 10,000 US households analyzing if they use Apple, Google, Samsung or Amazon devices. The results found that almost 20% of households have three or more Apple devices.

Parks Associates labels any household that has three of one company’s devices as a brand loyalist. Therefore, 20% of households in the US are Apple loyalists.

This means that 20% of households have three of the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. The competing companies also had three or four devices analyzed in the survey.

From the article, "Nearly 20% of US households have over 3 Apple devices," by Kyle Fansler.

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