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More Than 60% of U.S. Households Feel They’re Paying Too Much For Electricity

New data from market researcher Parks Associates shows 60% of U.S. households think they’re paying too much for electricity. The firm will host dozens of experts from Big Tech and energy companies, including Arcadia, Google, GAF Energy, SmartRent, and ConEdison, to speak on solutions to spiking utility costs at the Smart Energy Summit on February 27 and 28.

The summit will feature Parks Associates’ most recent consumer research, diving into the main factors inspiring consumers to adopt energy management solutions. The report offers insight into different strategies to deliver new smart energy solutions to consumers.

“Adoption of smart thermostats is starting to trend upward after years of stagnation, while consumers are expressing more interest in energy-saving tech solutions, for both their financial and environmental benefits,” said Mindi Sue Strenblitz-Rubenstein, vice president of marketing at Parks Associates. “Smart Energy Summit features an unparalleled lineup of thought leaders, from energy services, public policy, smart home, and consumer solutions, sharing insights on strategies to drive this market forward.”

The study echos a recent report by HOP Energy, which found 69% of U.S. consumers saw electric bills spike while 48% struggle to pay rising utility bills. More than 71% said they were searching for ways to cut costs.

From the article, "More Than 60% of U.S. Households Feel They’re Paying Too Much For Electricity" by Kayla Wassell

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