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Household Spending On Streaming Subscriptions Drops To $73 a Month (Down From $90 In 2021)

Household spending on streaming services dropped to $73 a month, with the new data from Parks Associates and Adeia suggesting that average spending on these subscription services is down from $90 a month in 2021.

With prices continually rising, it makes senes that homes might be more cautious on how much they spend on streaming services and that seems to be the takeaway from the latest research by Parks Associates and Adeia. According to their findings, internet household spending on streaming subscription services declined 25% to $73 a month versus $90 in 2021.

For context, Parks Associates released a very similar report in April of this year, again confirming that average household spending was down when compared to the 2021. However, that report suggested that spending had dropped to $69 a month. In this sense, the latest findings would seem to suggest that there was actually a slight increase in household spending on streaming services towards the end of last year.

From the article, "Household Spending On Streaming Subscriptions Drops To $73 a Month (Down From $90 In 2021)" by John Finn

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