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Following CES, Parks Associates Releases Top Insights across Key Tech Categories in Connected Home, Streaming Video, Health, SMB, and More

DALLAS, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Parks Associates' latest research, featured in a newly released series of Top Insights documents, reveals adoption across virtually all device and service categories continue to grow:

  • Smartphones are present in 87% of US internet households.
  • Smart TVs are now in 63% of internet households.
  • 38% of US Internet households own at least one smart home device, like a smart thermostat, smart door lock, video doorbell, or smart light bulb.
  • Nearly 40% of US internet households report owning some security solution, such as a security system, smart doorbell, or smart door lock.
  • 54% of US internet households own a connected health product.
  • 36% of consumers would pay more to use power from renewable sources.

"The impact of the pandemic is showing more than ever," said Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, VP, Marketing, Parks Associates. "As consumers and business embrace technology more and more, the need for integrated solutions grows. Companies are focused on partnerships, reoccurring revenue, and service opportunities and looking to expand beyond core capabilities enabled by advanced tech."

Parks Associates released its top insights in tech lists today covering key coverage areas in its research practice:

  • Top Insights in Streaming Video Services
  • Top Insights in Broadband and Connectivity
  • Top Insights in Home Security
  • Top Insights in Multi-dwelling Units (MDU)
  • Top Insights in Connected Health
  • Top Insights in SMB
  • Top Insights in Smart Home
  • Top Insights in Energy Management

Parks Associates celebrates its 37th year in 2023. The firm announced its events schedule for the full year, which will bring together thousands of industry executives in the technology industry for both virtual and in-person events:

  • Smart Energy Summit: Engaging the Consumer 
  • Smart Spaces: Apartments, Hospitality, and Community Living
  • CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference 
  • Connected Health Summit: Independent Living and Wellness 
  • Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media 

From the press release, "Following CES, Parks Associates Releases Top Insights across Key Tech Categories in Connected Home, Streaming Video, Health, SMB, and More," by Parks Associates.

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