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Xailient Annnounces Sponsorship for 2024 CONNECTIONS Conference Series

Xailient has just announced their sponsorship for the 2024 CONNECTIONS Conference Series.

At Xailient, their vision is a world of seamless and pervasive AI assistance. Their mission is to enable makers and innovators of Smart Cameras to bring their visions to life. They've transformed our algorithmic efficiency into a process that empowers companies to bring AI products and features to market faster, more accessible, and with less investment to compete in the emerging AI-IoT world. 

Xailient joins CONNECTIONS  as a break sponsor, where they will be sharing their insights and expertise with top executives, media, and thought leaders in the digital living markets. The executive research conference includes presentations from Parks Associates’ leading analysts and visionary sessions featuring executives in the connected entertainment and digital home technology industries.

For more information on Xailient, please visit:

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