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Work Smarter: Maximizing ROI in Multifamily Properties with Smart Technology

Understanding the potential impact of investments in smart technology is difficult.

There is an industry-wide need for benchmarking to better gauge the outcomes of smart building deployments. Our latest white paper, "Smart Tech for Multifamily Properties: Understanding ROI," in collaboration with SKBM Smart Technology, offers a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this complex landscape.

39% of MDU residents consider property-provided smart home devices a differentiator when looking for their next home.

Smart building technologies offer many benefits to property owners, operators, and managers. These benefits range from the financial, to the operational, to the qualitative.

Multifamily owners, operators, and property managers experience the highest returns when the right solution is deployed to the right environment. Modern solutions integrated into property management systems, building management systems, or resident apps offer many advantages compared to standalone point-solutions, avoiding the challenges of fragmentation and enhancing ease-of-use.

Taking a closer look at the operational impact of smart building technologies can provide a method of measuring the overall effectiveness and return of smart building deployments. In cases where ROI cannot be measured directly, these additional metrics provide an alternative method of gaining insight into the impact of smart building deployments.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to make smarter investments in smart technology for multifamily properties.

Download your free copy of "Smart Tech for Multifamily Properties: Understanding ROI" today. Click here to get your white paper now!

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