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Vision-Based Technology: Next-Gen Control

Download Parks Associates’ new complimentary White Paper “Vision-Based Technology: Next-Gen Control,” in collaboration with Adeia. Vision-based solutions could improve and simplify the consumer experience in navigating and selecting content on this device. This whitepaper examines these and other potential use cases where vision-based interfaces would augment the consumer experience and enhance their ability to interact and control their devices.

Consumers have rapidly become accustomed to various methods of interaction with technology and devices, such as touch, motion, and voice control. Consumers are most familiar with touch-based interfaces thanks to their widespread use across multiple technology sectors, including mobile devices, automotive infotainment, banking, and computing.

Vision-Based Interfaces provide hands-free control in place of or to supplement other forms of interaction and control input, such as tactile (touch) or vocal (voice) input. The principle of vision-based interaction (VBI) relies principally upon computer vision (CV)

To learn more, download the full white paper:

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