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UK Challenges and Barriers for the Smart Home Market - Insights by Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH

Prior to Parks Associates’ 14th-annual CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Strategies for Security and Smart HomeGabriel Wetzel, CEO, Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH gave his insights on the smart home market with the firm's analyst team.

Gabriel will participate on the expert panel Evolution of the Smart Home: Gaining Traction on Tuesday, 19 November at 8:30. Panelists who will join him on this session include:

  • Bernd Grohmann, Executive Vice President, eQ-3
  • Arsham Hatambeiki, SVP Product & Technology, Universal Electronics
  • Mario Moura, Managing Director EMEA, Resideo
  • Brecht Wyseur, Kudelski IoT Security, Kudelksi Group

What are the biggest challenges and barriers for new smart home products and services in Europe?

The main challenge to overcome for the smart home solution providers is how to reach the mass market. The way on a high level is simple: sell added value!  And behind that, the key of success is how to provide real added value for users and how to communicate it.

What new channels are driving growth in the smart home industry?

The smart home products offer a unique chance for the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Consumer Electronics retailers. Why? Because they have the opportunity to step in the market of security and energy management systems - two domains dominated traditionally by professional installers.

How is the role of the service provider changing in the smart home?

Connectivity is the key to enable each of us to stay informed about what’s going on at home, even if you are not. It’s a huge chance for professional providers as well as for peer-helping community.

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