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Top 10 Tech Trends in 2022: EV Competition Will Accelerate

Parks Associates recently published the Top 10 Connected Consumer Trends to Watch in 2022, where my colleagues and I weigh in on the top consumer technology trends we will see in 2022. One trend we anticipate is an acceleration in competition among electric vehicle manufacturers; consumers can expect more choice in the months ahead.

After watching Tesla experience the pros and cons of being an early-mover in the electric vehicle market, legacy auto-makers are pushing more electrified vehicles into their lineups starting in 2022. US consumers will benefit from expanded EV options, including pickup and SUV offerings from both truck-building favorites Ford, Chevy, and GMC as well as newcomer Rivian. Auto and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) companies are both hoping the US Congress will pass legislation to help them expand the EV charging network and overcome the top barrier behind price: 24% of consumers report their top barrier to buying an EV in 2021 was because they lack access to a charging station.

Throughout the year, Parks Associates will host in-person and virtual events to explore the impact of these trends on the smart home industry and adjacent ecosystems in the energy, entertainment, and health spaces. For more information on Parks Associates’ upcoming executive conferences, see the 2022 event schedule.

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