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The Future of Smart Home Solutions - Insights from ADT

Raya Sevilla, SVP Product, ADT, gave her insights on smart home solutions devices prior to the Parks Associates’ CONNECTIONS Summit at CES.

Raya will participate on the expert panel Disruption in Home Security: Smart Home Convergence on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 11:00 amPanelists who will join her on this session include:

  • Naveen Chhangani, VP, Product and Services, Arlo Technologies
  • Vera Tzoneva, Head of Assistant Distribution Partnerships, Google
  • Andrew Vloyantes, GM of Installed Solutions, Ring
  • Matt Wolf, Head of Partnerships, SimpliSafe

As the number of connected devices in the home increases year-over-year, how can technology providers ease consumer concerns associated with data security and privacy?
ADT is spearheading a Consumer Privacy Initiative to address the wider smart home security industry, specifically to protect consumer privacy and data through responsible company practices that prioritizes customer privacy and safety.  The initiative will produce clear guiding principles for how security and IoT providers manage consumer data and protect their privacy. We’re close to publicly sharing the foundation we’ve laid over the last year with many other smart home security brands. 
How will artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and/or 5G technologies impact the smart home, IoT, and connected entertainment landscapes in 2020 and beyond? What will be the impact for consumers?
As artificial intelligence matures, the capability of smart home devices to properly detect the context of a situation, including the identification of individual household members, greatly improves. Tailored responses to the contextual situation can occur with minimal engagement. For example, smart lightbulbs will automatically turn on (or adjust in brightness) due to poor lighting conditions when the presence of an individual is detected or doors will automatically lock when no presence is detected at the home. 
How can the quality of life for seniors be impacted by smart home solutions?
Smart home technologies aim to make our lives easier and more convenient. As we age, these technologies can be used to allow us to maintain our current lifestyle. Remote monitoring and home automation can allow caretakers to watch over and help seniors live in their homes independently and for longer periods of time. Cameras can allow family to see that their senior loved ones are up and about. Smart thermostats can ensure the home is comfortable and panic buttons and fall detection can immediately connect the senior to assistance in case of an emergency.

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