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The Future of Consumer Tech – 10 Key Trends to Watch in 2022

Technology is ubiquitous and the impact of the pandemic in all areas of consumer and business is still unfolding.  Here are 10 key trends we see in the consumer technology space.  Our research in 2022 will continue to be dedicated to understanding the growth and adoption of technology, as well as the business opportunities as a result. 

  1. Work and home continue to blur, resulting in new and ongoing investments in technology solutions.
  2. Healthcare services and solutions in the home will explode in the coming years, through devices, virtual care, and remote patient monitoring.
  3. Huge investments in energy management solutions will help push demand response capabilities as the grid transforms and there are distributed energy resources to manage the load on the gird.
  4.  Consumers will continue to embrace over-the-top (OTT) services, and the great unbundle of Pay TV will move into the next phase including the rebundling of OTT services.
  5. Choice will remain paramount for consumers – in home security, video viewing, and automation and controls around the home.
  6. Interoperability efforts continue in great earnest as industry players work together embrace and see the impact of integration and partnerships.
  7. Privacy and security issues will continue to plague the connected home industry as more and more threats drive consumers to have greater concerns for their data.
  8. Consolidation will continues as smaller companies look to scale and seek new channels for distribution.
  9. Broadband access will continue to grow in importance to consumers, with large efforts to ensure accessibility to all.
  10. The value of technology will grow exponentially, as consumer and business embrace the digital transformation across virtually all industries. 


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