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State of the Smart Home Market in a Year of Disruption


With 2020’s unprecedented health, economic and social disruption, smart home providers are driven to adapt and innovate while closely monitoring the pulse of shifting consumer attitudes. This session opens with a presentation of voice of the consumer insights drawn from Parks Associates research from preCOVID outbreak through various stages of the pandemic’s evolution this year. Headwinds and tailwinds for the smart home ecosystem are explored as well as potential lasting impacts on consumer behavior. 
Don't miss the opportunity to attend the first CONNECTIONS Community session State of the Smart Home Market in a Year of Disruption on Tuesday November 10 at 10:00 a.m. CT. 
The session concludes with a panel discussion of “Tipping Points and Triggers for Connected Home Services.” Industry leaders, from security providers to ISPs and manufacturers will discuss the possibilities for leveraging connectivity and data to create an unlimited array of services that can bring comfort, convenience, safety, security, and savings to the home. The panel will also discuss current market dynamics that might provide tipping points and triggers that accelerate a service-driven market enabling new use cases in home deliveries, cloud video, advanced monitoring, intelligent automation, streaming content, and more. 
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