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Rebecca Gutierrez of Blink Charging - Smart Spaces Speaker

Rebecca Gutierrez, Vice President of Marketing at Blink Charging, will be sharing her insights at the upcoming Smart Spaces Conference, hosted by Parks Associates. Smart Spaces: Apartments, Hospitality and Community Living brings together property owners, building managers, and technology leaders. The event caters to building executives and hardware, middleware, and software providers enabling the next generation of consumer and property manager experiences in the multi-dwelling and hospitality environments. 

Rebecca Gutierrez, Vice President of Marketing at Blink Charging, shares her insights on the impact of technology on building environments and the role of platforms in delivering future services. In this blog post, we will explore her thoughts on the leading barriers to adoption of technology among MDUs and the resident wants and concerns in this market:

How impactful can tech be in a building environment? What is the role of the platform to deliver future services?
Blink EV charging stations can be both a benefit to residents and visitors to a building as well as an economic boost while complementing existing environmental and sustainability goals. EV charging stations can showcase the community’s commitment to health, wellbeing, and sustainable initiatives in the community. They will help differentiate your building from the competition and attract and retain high-value tenants.
What are the leading barriers to adoption of technology among MDUs? 
Some communities are wary of installing this innovative and sustainable technology due to unknowns related to usage and ROI. However, at Blink, we have a number of examples demonstrating how MDUs that have installed EV charging stations increase their property value, attract more tenants, and realize an overall competitive advantage in their market.
What is the resident wants vs. concerns in this market? 
More than 80% of EV drivers already charge their EV at home. This demonstrates a great demand for home EV charging. In fact, in a 2022 National Multifamily Housing Council survey, 27% of renters said they were interested in EV charging stations, and respondents said they would pay $28.12 more per month for them. While property owners may have concerns over the ROI of installing EV chargers, studies show that on-site chargers are a main desire of many apartment residents and well-made investment.

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