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Smart Spaces 2023 - Speaker Highlight - Kyle Finney, Business Development Manager, Arize

Kyle Finney, Business Development Manager, Arize spoke at Smart Spaces 2023, hosted by Parks Associates. Smart Spaces brings together property owners, building managers, and technology leaders. The event caters to building executives and hardware, middleware, and software providers enabling the next generation of consumer and property manager experiences in multi-dwelling and hospitality environments.

Kyle Finney is a Business Development Manager at Arize with a passion for leveraging emerging technologies to transform the multifamily industry. With extensive experience in commercial real estate in both the Phoenix and Las Vegas markets, Kyle is a renowned strategic advisor and spearheads industry-wide initiatives to accelerate the adoption of new technologies. He is a leader in IoT-backed smart technology initiatives that help attract and retain tenants, and boosts operational efficiency. Kyle is deeply dedicated to pushing the multifamily industry forward, making him an invaluable asset to the Arize team.

Here are some of his industry insights below:

How impactful can smart tech be in a building environment? What is the role of the platform to deliver future services?

"Smart technology is the ideal investment for buildings looking to tap into new streams of revenue and reinforce their financial resilience. By employing predictive maintenance, automating operations, and elevating the resident experience, owners can reduce their overhead and increase their cash reserves ahead of unexpected circumstances," says Kyle Finney, Business Development Manager at Arize. "Arize sees future services as a natural extension of upgraded technology, further optimizing building operations and creating additional revenue opportunities."

2023 Smart Spaces Virtual Sessions
July 20 | Virtual: PropTech Market Evolution: Senior and Student Housing
Oct 5    | Virtual: Hospitality Market: Tech Driving New Value
Nov 30 | Virtual: Investment and Expansion in Smart Spaces

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