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Savant Speaker Highlight - Savant

Roy is currently the President of Savant Power where he is leading the company’s efforts to blaze the trail to energy independence for home and business owners through innovative products and services, strategic partnerships, continuous operational improvement, and a robust sales strategy.

Roy will be joining the 28th Annual CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference during the panel Major Energy Investments: Transforming the Experience.

Looking ahead, what projects or developments in connected living are you particularly excited about this year, and why?

Smart Power will continue to be the foundation that propels connected and more sustainable living. We will soon launch Service Upgrade Avoidance, the use of smart, software-driven companion modules with electric breakers that allow for cost effective solutions to upgrade electrical panels. The installation of EV chargers and localized generation and storage are easily achieved when paired with smart modules, allowing homeowners to avoid expensive and time-consuming utility upgrades. Living Spaces with Smart Power allow for greater flexibility, optionality, energy savings and resilience for residents.

What strategies do you recommend for businesses to navigate the complexities of the connected home market and stay ahead of the competition?

Businesses should drive simplicity and offer simple solutions with visible benefits. The landscape is complex and businesses should take the opportunity to streamline the user experience and reduce noise for consumers.

Collaboration is key in driving innovation. Can you discuss some successful partnerships or alliances that have accelerated the adoption of connected home technologies and enhanced consumer engagement?

The future of connected home technology includes driving reduced carbon footprints simultaneously with connected living. One example is the Net Zero home for new and retrofit applications. The teams at Savant, GE Appliances, a Haier company, and Tantalus have combined technologies that bring connected technology from the utility into the home, including to the end-user devices. The offering includes power storage and companion modules, smart lighting and shades, kitchen, HVAC and laundry appliances, as well as a gateway to the utility company.

What are the biggest challenges facing businesses in the IoT industry, and how can they be overcome to unlock the full potential of connected living?

The industry has complexity and lots of players. The value of connected living is most easily expanded when consumers have positive and simple experiences. It’s important to share a simple message and provide expandable solutions. It’s helpful to show the benefits of something as a simple as a Smart Plug, which opens the opportunity to expand to many elements of improving everyday living. The industry should continue to drive innovation and simplicity with clear messaging.

As a leader in the industry, what trends do you foresee shaping the future of connected living in the next 5 years?

Smart Power will continue to unlock the full value of connected living. The foundation of transitioning America from candles to light bulbs was based on the invention of light and the addition of a reliable electrical grid. Consumer energy demand will continue to increase to levels that our grid cannot handle. The democratization and decentralization of power will be integral to helping utilities meet the demand. Smart Power provides stability, better living and the best possible experience when paired with whole home connected devices.

Reflecting on your career journey, what has been a standout moment or achievement that you're especially proud of?

In 2015, GE launched an internal start-up with the goal of creating Virtual Power Plants in the Commercial & Industrial space. We had all of the foundational elements of technology, including solar, storage, lighting, on-site power generation, EV and software. We were ahead of our time for mainstream adoption but planted the seeds in the world for the future. In February of 2024, Savant launched a Net Zero home with GE Appliances and Tantalus, which furthers the journey of Residential Virtual Power Plants. Technology adoption takes time, but innovation prevails when it meets the needs of consumers.

What advice would you offer to up-and-coming professionals aspiring to make their mark in the connected home and digital living industries, based on your own experiences and insights?

Be curious, ask questions and listen. It’s important to solve challenges that people face and recognize that our immediately developed solutions may need to evolve and be improved. It’s also important to build partnerships. There is tremendous value in the power of innovation that is driven by community.

What are you excited most about to discuss during CONNECTIONS?

I’m excited to discuss the intersection of Private Business and Public Policy to create a better and more sustainable world. Connected Living requires the combination of access to smarter power and smarter devices that is achieved by the industry and government working together to build a better future.

Continue the conversation with Roy and other industry leaders during CONNECTIONS: The Premier Smart Home Conference on May 7-9, 2024, in Dallas, TX. Don’t miss insights and business forecasting on the adoption of technology including broadband, smart home, security, connected health, energy, and home automation. Explore the event agenda and register at!

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