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Parks Associates Announces 2023 Smart Spaces Speakers

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the integration of technology into hotel environments, transforming traditional hospitality experiences. From mobile check-ins and keyless entry systems to in-room automation and personalized recommendations, hotels are embracing technology to enhance guest convenience, streamline operations, and deliver a more immersive and personalized stay. The October 5 session, “Hospitality Market: Tech Driving New Value” highlights the increasing emphasis on creating seamless and personalized experiences that cater to the evolving expectations of modern travelers.


  • Robert Grosz, Executive Vice President, and COO, WorldVue
  • Michelle Guss, Vice President, Hospitality, Crestron Electronics
  • Kristen Hanich, Director of Research, Parks Associates
  • Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates
  • Kimberly Twiggs, AVP of Hospitality, DIRECTV
  • Dominic Locascio, Senior Director, Hospitality, Piaggio Fast Forward
  • Kevin Sweeney, VP Product Strategy, Enseo


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