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LUX Products Discusses Strategies to Engage Consumers

Rob Munin, CEO, LUX Products spoke with the Parks Associates’ analyst team prior to the 22nd-annual CONNECTIONS: The Premier Connected Home Conference to discuss how LUX is using new technology solutions to engage consumers.

Rob will be speaking on the Energizing the Smart Home: Changing Role of Utilities panel at 11:15 AM, Wednesday, May 23, in San Francisco. He will be joined by the following speakers:

Jason Dudley, Senior Planning Analyst, Salt River Project
Craig Johnson, President, Residential Solutions, Emerson
Wayne Morrison, Principal, Emerging Technologies, Reliant

What is the most important next step to engage consumers in smart home solutions, connected entertainment services, and/or value-added services like tech support and connected health?

Research has shown that there have been millions of smart devices sold, but the number of homes with a smart thermostat is less than 15 percent. It’s about understanding the full benefits and rewards that smart devices afford. As an industry, we need to debunk the idea that “smart” is more than just a gimmick, more than just a gadget: this is something that makes sense and can have a real impact on everyday life.

What is the biggest driver for the connected consumer market?

The biggest driver for the connected consumer is convenience. Smart tech is all about offering the ability to easily, quickly and painlessly manage your comfort, health, security and other daily necessities. If a smart device is easy to use and can clearly outline its benefits to the consumer, they become much more engaged in the product and incorporate its output into their lifestyle.

How is your company engaging consumers through new technology solutions?

Smart thermostats are an entry point into the smart home. As such, our development team has been hard at work to offer smart solutions that are easy to use, provide immediate impact on the homeowner’s energy usage and is affordable. However, making the purchase and installing the thermostat is just the first step. The convenience and ability to control the device comes from the mobile app. Our app today offers more than just features and functions of the thermostat, we also offer smart tips to consumers on how to best save energy and money. We are also readying to launch a new consumer app later this summer which will incorporate outside indicators and how they may impact your indoor home comfort, such as, outdoor humidity levels, indoor air quality and utility savings. The mobile app, in our view, is the easiest and most direct way to engage consumers.

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