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Join us for CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES! This event will take place on January 5th at the Venetian Hotel, Lando 4304.

CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES 2023 is an annual research and industry event hosted by international research firm Parks Associates at CES.

CONNECTIONS™ Summit features in-person sessions during CES 2023 on January 5, 2023, in Las Vegas and focuses on the rapid deployment of connected products for consumers including the new business models, technologies, partnerships, trends, and key issues impacting the rapidly changing landscape of the connected home.

The executive event features panel discussions on the smart home, Internet of Things (IoT), and connected entertainment, analyzing trends and implications for connected consumers and opportunities for companies to build new revenues and innovative business models.

CONNECTIONS™ Summit sessions feature commentary, insight, and debate on consumer and industry trends, new business models and technologies, growth opportunities, and successful market strategies.

Our 2023 sponsors include Johnson Controls, Connectivity Standards Alliance,, Electronic Caregiver, Homebase, Ivani, Nice Group, and Rapid Response Monitoring.

Our 2023 supporters include Construction Business Revenue, Construction Tech Review, Energy Tech Review, HomeGrid Forum, ioXt Alliance, and The Monitoring Association.

The event will begin at 9 AM PT and the panels and speakers are the following:

9:00 AM   Value-Added Services – Expanding Broadband

This session addresses issues driving home networking technology, legacy, and emerging usage models, how the industry addresses fragmentation, privacy and security, and value-added services.

Jeff Holleran, VP Product, SAM Seamless Network

Mehul Patel, CEO, Minim, Inc. 

Kevin Po, Group Product Manager, Google

Razvan Todor, VP, Product Management, Bitdefender

Ian Wheelock, Engineering Fellow, CTO Office, CommScope

ModeratorJennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates

10:00 AM   Scaling Smart Home: Smart Apartments and Smart Spaces

Consumer demand for tech in apartments continues to increase. This session addresses the growth of proptech and new opportunities to serve the consumer in multifamily environments.

  • John Butrim, Vice President - Multifamily, HOA & Builder, ADT Multifamily
  • Mitch Karren, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, SmartRent
  • Blake Miller, CEO,
  • Vickie Rodgers, VP and General Manager, Cox Communities, Cox Communications
  • Michael Rovito, President, Level Home and Dwelo
  • ModeratorKristen Hanich, Director of Research, Parks Associates

11:00 AM   New Era of Home Energy: EVs, Solar, Storage

This session highlights the growth of energy management solutions including energy devices, systems, and analytics in the home.

Martin DeBono, President, GAF Energy

Chris Keefe, Director of Product Management, Schneider Electric

Tray Leslie, Renewables & Resiliency Manager, Georgia Power Company

Aaron Warren, Principal, Channel Development, Constellation

Adam Weinstein, Executive Sales Manager, sonnen

ModeratorChris White, Director of Research, Parks Associates

1:00 PM   Smart Home Security: Automation, Response, and New Value

This session addresses the expansion of home security devices and systems, including the blurred lines between DIY and pro security creating the ultimate in choice for consumers.

Jennifer Doctor, Senior Director, Product Management, Johnson Controls

Liz Kohler, Founder, Nexion Solutions

Akash Sah, Chief Strategy Officer, Brinks Home

Jen Theobald, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Rapid Response Monitoring Services

Eric Villines, Head of Global Communications, Anker / eufy

Andrew Vloyanetes, GM, Ring, an Amazon Company

ModeratorElizabeth Parks, President and CMO, Parks Associates

2:00 PM   Smart Home Platforms: Interoperability and Partnerships

This session addresses partnerships, technology developments, interoperability challenges, and new applications and experiences for consumers as smart adoption continues to move to achieve mass-market adoption.

Abe Kinney, Senior Director, Product Management,

Michelle Mindala-Freeman, Head of Marketing & Member Services, CSA - Connectivity Standards Alliance

Sujata Neidig, Marketing Director, NXP Semiconductors

Leah Page, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Innovation, ADT

Paul Williams, Chief Product Officer, Nice North America 

ModeratorChris White, Director of Research, Parks Associates

3:00 PM   Virtual Care and Independent Living: Keeping Seniors Safe

This session addresses the senior and caretaker market, highlighting the role of PERs and independent living solutions.

Yaniv Amir, President, Essence USA Inc 

Steve Burger, President and Co-Founder, Aided, Inc

Joshua Di Francis, Head of Incubation, LG Electronics

Daniel McCaffrey, VP of Digital Health and Software, OMRON Healthcare

Charlotte Yeh, Chief Medical Officer, AARP Services, Inc

ModeratorKristen Hanich, Director of Research, Parks Associates

4:00 PM   The Whole Home Experience: Use Cases, Services, and Support

This session addresses the whole home vision for tech across the various ecosystem, including new use cases and support for the complex network at home.

Melissa Andresko, Chief Corporate Brand Ambassador, Lutron Electronics

Alex Capecelatro, CEO,

Mark Francis, Chief Product Officer, Electronic Caregiver 

Justin McKinney, CEO & Co-Founder, IVANI

Giles Sutton, SVP of Product & Business Development, CEDIA

ModeratorJennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates

5:30 PM   Networking Reception, sponsored by Johnson Controls

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