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GVTC Keynote Highlight - CONNECTIONS

Connectivity underpins every facet of contemporary life - from the way we work, learn, and access healthcare, to how we shop, manage our homes, and interact with our communities. 

Connectivity leader, Roger Lewis, VP, at GVTC, shares some of his strategies, challenges, and predictions on the IoT market with Parks Associates ahead of CONNECTIONS: The Premier Smart Home Conference. Roger will join a lineup of executive speakers during the Keynote Panel, “Enhancing Modern Living with Value-Added Services,” on Thursday, May 9, to share experiences with the role of speed, Wi-Fi, and the pace of adoption for value-added services.

Roger Lewis is a San Antonio native with a robust 20+ year tenure in the service provider industry. He was entrusted to lead GVTC's transformative initiative, "Creating Fiercely Loyal Customers". This endeavor aimed to reshape the organizational culture into a customer-centric powerhouse, redefining GVTC as a true solutions provider. In his current role, Roger is at the forefront of product development and strategy efforts, driven by a vision to deliver a Connected, Smart, and Secure home experience for customers. This includes offering the market's premier broadband and WiFi services, fortifying homes with smart security products, and tailoring TV Streaming services to meet the diverse needs of both residential and business segments in the market.

Looking ahead, what projects or developments in connected living are you particularly excited about this year, and why?

Smart Home aggregator development like OliverIQ, Brilliant, and, who provide us with a product to offer white-glove tech services, helping customers make their homes smart and efficient. 

The adoption of multi-Gig and bundled offerings. Bundles are on the rise again. Offering products that add value to the customer bundled with broadband + Wi-Fi vs standalone BB only will continue to be a focus.

Expansion of our Wi-Fi offerings – outdoor, MDU, SMB.

What strategies do you recommend for businesses to navigate the complexities of the connected home market and stay ahead of the competition?

Partnerships, evolving your strategy, and being willing to explore, test and trial. In your market, how are you going to differentiate yourself from other providers and pair that up with a great marketing strategy?

Collaboration is key in driving innovation. Can you discuss some successful partnerships or alliances that have accelerated the adoption of connected home technologies and enhanced consumer engagement?

We have great partnerships with Calix, Arlo, Resideo,, and more developing.

What are the biggest challenges facing businesses in the IoT industry, and how can they be overcome to unlock the full potential of connected living?

Customer Education, Customer Fatigue and Customer Adoption.

Pricing - the slow building of device by device due to less disposable income versus those who want it all and can afford to purchase and have it installed by professionals.  This is where bundling product and providing a white glove service to help, assist, support, and educate customers is key.

As a leader in the industry, what trends do you foresee shaping the future of connected living in the next 5 years?

Interoperability and Standardization – customers want devices that can seamlessly communicate and work together, regardless of brand.

AI and Machine Learning – enabling devices to learn user preferences and automate tasks more effectively.

Energy Efficiency – adoption and growth of smart thermostats and lighting systems to help consumers reduce their energy consumption.

Reflecting on your career journey, what has been a standout moment or achievement that you're especially proud of?

Our “Creating Fiercely Loyal Customers” strategy; evolving from a service provider to a solutions provider, focusing on the customer experience, product value, and building loyalty as a brand.

Also, our achievements in our “Advancing Broadband and Beyond” strategy; focusing on the products that cater to the connected home, product choice and product growth above and beyond just a broadband pipe.

What advice would you offer to up-and-coming professionals aspiring to make their mark in the connected home and digital living industries, based on your own experiences and insights?

From the service provider perspective – train techs to be smart home experts, find partners and products that add value, and help educate consumers.

What are you excited most about to discuss during CONNECTIONS?

Learning from other successes, advances in technology, AI, and innovative products.

Continue the conversation with Roger and other industry leaders during CONNECTIONS: The Premier Smart Home Conference on May 7-9, 2024, in Dallas, TX. Don’t miss insights and business forecasting on the adoption of technology including broadband, smart home, security, connected health, energy, and home automation. Explore the event agenda and register at!

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