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CONNECTIONS 2023 Announces Wi-Fi Sponsor – Becklar

Becklar is participating as the 2023 Wi-Fi Sponsor in CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference, hosted by Parks Associates, taking place over the dates of May 23 – 25, in Frisco, TX. CONNECTIONS™ 2023 features an in-person conference May 23-25, 2023, with virtual sessions on March 2, July 20, and October 5, focusing on the smart home market, home security, and new services for the home.
Becklar creates solutions for a safer world by bringing together innovative technologies and caring people to enhance the freedom, confidence, and peace of mind of their customers. Becklar provides North America's largest, fastest, and premier quality Connected Safety Monitoring platform. Becklar creates industry-leading connected safety solutions for enterprises and individuals, delivering a world-class comprehensive suite of lifesaving and life-enhancing technologies. Becklar leverages its platform of innovative technology and award-winning services to create customizable and comprehensive solutions to meet the connected safety needs of their enterprise and individual customers across diverse industries, including personal emergency response solutions, workforce safety, personal health & safety, vitals monitoring, and event response monitoring.
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