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Brightcove Speaker Highlight – Future of Video

Marty Roberts is the SVP of Product Strategy and Marketing for Brightcove, the leader in streaming technology. Roberts is responsible for defining a differentiated strategy to enhance Brightcove’s market-leading products and services and leading product marketing to ensure each innovation advances the impact of streaming media for our customers.

Marty Roberts is joining Parks Associates at Future of Video 2023. He will be sharing his expertise on The New Sports Video Experience panel at 10:30 AM PT, November 15 in Marina del Rey.

Here are some of Marty Roberts’s industry insights:

What are effective ways to drive signups and subscriptions for content services today?

Lookalike campaigns within Facebook and Instagram have returned to form as one of the most effective audience and subscription acquisition tools. Interestingly, the RoAS here saw a meaningful decline after Apple implemented ATT but within 6 months, Facebook had shifted to a probabilistic model with equivalent results. The most effective reference customer sets have at least 6 months of history with the video service and have watched at least one video in the last 30 days. 

Are hybrid business models the future?

This is an interesting question since hybrid business models are the past. PayTV had an incredibly successful 30 year run based on subscriptions plus advertising, and the occasional rental or pay-per-view event. 

We believe there is always an optimal business model between a content library and its natural audience. Older content that draws passive viewers may be a natural for FAST and advertising. Niche content that has a passionate audience may be best served in an SVOD service. Live sports can often draw the best of both with a hybrid of advertising plus subscription. The challenge of every video service is to find the right mix to maximize their audience lifetime value.

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