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Protect Your Business from Piracy: Insights and Strategies

Piracy is not going away anytime soon, and it’s a real threat to the media and entertainment industry.  In the US alone, revenue lost to piracy is estimated to total over $110 billion for 2022-2027, according to a recent report by Parks Associates. In addition, an estimated $3.8 billion in invalid ad traffic is expected to reach fraudulent consumer endpoints through automated exploits in ad-based video offerings, driven by pirates.

Now more than ever, stakeholders need to focus on securing their assets against piracy. Digital rights management, conditional access, session IDs, content IDs, software protection, and infrastructure security are all critical tools in the fight against piracy. The Parks Associates report describes why and how piracy functions as an ecosystem and unless stakeholders build anti-piracy ecosystems of their own, their efforts will continue to resemble a game of whack-a-mole.

But paradoxically, piracy can also act as a market intelligence tool. Monitoring piracy can help uncover unexpected revenue losses, undetected infrastructure leaks, guide distribution decisions, test demand for content, and test new business models. To truly understand the piracy landscape and develop effective strategies to combat it, you need a deep dive into the piracy market and ecosystem.

That's where the "Streaming Piracy Market & Ecosystem Strategies" report comes in. This report from Parks Associates provides a comprehensive overview of the piracy landscape in the US market, including a taxonomy of piracy categories and common piracy use-cases individually and as an ecosystem. It also includes a five-year forecast for theft of streaming video services in the United States and the revenue lost to piracy.

Don't let your profits fall into the wrong hands. Protect your business from piracy with insights from the latest report, "Streaming Piracy Market & Ecosystem Strategies," by Parks Associates. Get the insights you need to fight piracy and stay ahead of the game.

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