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Bango Joins Future of Video 2023 as Platinum Sponsor

Bango has joined Future of Video 2023 and 2024 conference as the Platinum Super Bundling Platform Sponsor.

Bango provides the technology and partnerships that online merchants need to acquire more paying users. Thousands of merchants and developers benefit from the Bango technology and ecosystem, from startups to the world’s largest online businesses, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

As a platinum sponsor, Bango will join Parks Associates in Marina del Rey, November 14-16 to share their insights on the business of streaming services and the monetization strategies emerging because of new business models, bundles, connected video devices, and shifting video viewing habits.

The conference will also hold a special session on Tuesday, November 14th at 1:30 PM PT discussing the latest research from Bango and trends of super bundling and the reasons why 20% of all SVOD (subscription video on demand) are already sold through mobile operators.

Bango will also join as the Super Bundling Platform Sponsor for Future of Video 2024 virtual and in-person sessions. 

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