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Top 10 Tech Trends in 2022: Increase in Smart Home and Healthcare Tech for Seniors

Parks Associates recently published the Top 10 Connected Consumer Trends to Watch in 2022, where my colleagues and I weigh in on the top consumer technology trends we will see in 2022. One trend to watch for is senior tech picking up steam, with overlapping interest from the smart home and healthcare industries.

The pandemic has spotlighted the vulnerability of older consumers and the need for thoughtfully designed technologies and services to reach them at home. A growing number of home security providers are branching out into offering Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) to their customer bases, and PERS solutions providers are likewise building out new remote patient monitoring platforms. With a growing focus on care in the home, expect PERS providers to serve as the bridge between medical providers and the home services industry. PERS solutions lead the independent living solutions market, with 58% of family caregivers reporting that they intend to purchase for their loved one.

Throughout the year, Parks Associates will host in-person and virtual events to explore the impact of these trends on the smart home industry and adjacent ecosystems in the energy, entertainment, and health spaces. For more information on Parks Associates’ upcoming executive conferences, see the 2022 event schedule.

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