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Scaling Music as Medicine - Insights from Musical Health Technologies

Parks AssociatesConnected Health Summit: Consumer Engagement and Innovation 2021 virtual conference series continues with the June 30 session, Personalization in Connected Health: Impact of AI. Andy Tubman, Chief Clinical Officer, Musical Health Technologies, will be featured as the visionary speaker from 12:45 PM to 1:15 PM CT. Prior to the session, Andy provided insights on Musical Health Technologies’ digital health platform:

Musical Health Technologies’ digital health platform, SingFit, combines groundbreaking science, ubiquitous technology, evidence-based therapeutic protocols and the world’s best songs to successfully scale music as medicine for the first time in history. As a result of our nationwide deal with Sunrise Senior Living, the SingFit platform is already in use at 480+ senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. Our clients report that the SingFit PRIME solution for people with dementia can decrease anti-anxiety medication usage by 40% and elevate mood by 43%, while improving communication, focus and social interactions.

Our new SingFit STUDIO technology platform, launching in 2020, will radically transform people’s ability to use music to manage and treat dementia as well as a host of the world’s most challenging and expensive healthcare conditions, including heart disease, depression, chronic breathing disorders, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and chronic pain. As a flexible platform, SingFit STUDIO can be used at all points of care, whether in hospitals, out-patient clinics, in homes or on the go.

It is time to fulfill the tremendous promise of therapeutic music. SingFit STUDIO allows us to efficiently create dozens of person-centered, noninvasive, non-addictive solutions that enable millions of healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients to successfully administer prescribed singing as a practical therapeutic solution with quantifiable benefits.

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