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Parks Associates' Connected Health Summit Continues with Insights on Standards and Interoperability for Health Data

With the redefined digitization of the healthcare industry in 2020, medicine has never before been so reliant on the efficient transmission of accurate data to provide appropriate care and control costs. The value of patient-generated health data from connected health devices in particular, which are increasing in adoption year-over-year, can be enhanced with greater interoperability between ecosystems of devices. Consumers can have all their health data, from medicines taken, dates of doctor’s visits, irregularities in vital signs, and other information, all recorded efficiently and accurately. 

Parks AssociatesConnected Health Summit: Consumer Engagement and Innovation virtual series returns for the final session of 2021 Connecting the Dots: Interoperability and Health Data on Wednesday, December 1, from 12:30 PM to 2:45 PM CT. During this session, key industry players will address the billing process and consumer experience, the array of regulations and compliance issues, and the challenge of integrating various devices and services. Executives will also examine the role of standards and interoperability for health data and device integration and how artificial intelligence and automation can enable new use cases and solve pain points.

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