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Health and Wellness Solutions: Expanding the Market: Insights from American Heart Association

Parks Associates continues its twenty-sixth annual CONNECTIONS™ with our in-person conference in Frisco, Texas on May 17-19. Patrick Dunn, Program Director, Center for Health Tech and Innovation at American Heart Association will be featured on the panel, Health and Wellness Solutions: Expanding the Market, on May 19 at 1:00 PM CT, addressing how major changes in the energy landscape will shift how consumers manage their home energy in the future. Prior to the session, Patrick provided insights on industry developments and consumer insights that will have an impact over the next few years.

What are some of the new home services that manufacturers are introducing to extend the value of smart home devices in ways that add convenience to consumers’ lifestyles? What key challenges impact each service? 

New innovations are providing more intuitive ways to communicate, such as voice and conversational AI systems.

What innovations have you seen that will address the existing needs of the elderly to enable independent living in the smart home?  

Home-based innovations need to address the mental and physical health of the person and provide ways to counteract the negative health impact of social isolation.

What strategies are needed to achieve a unified experience in the home for consumers between smart home and connected entertainment products and services? 

Technology and innovation needs to be intuitive and equitable so that as many people as possible can enjoy the benefits.

How do consumers view technology now versus before the Pandemic?

Consumers are more comfortable and confident in their ability to use technology. We have proven that people will use technology in their homes, now the challenge is to develop technology that will improve health and increase the quality of life.

As the number of connected devices in consumers’ lives increases each year, what solutions need to be created to allay rising consumer concerns around data security and privacy?

A key factor is trust. Solutions need to convey that that can be trusted, provide accurate information and that the data that is being collected is done so to benefit the individual. 

As the smart home experience expands outside the home, how will the role of the car evolve as part of the smart home ecosystem for consumers? 

A connected car is the next logical extension of a connected home. Many people spend long periods of time commuting. As long as we don’t add to the problem of distracted drivers, the car can measure key metrics from the steering wheel, safety belt, and even the webcam, and can be a way to communicate/and educate via the sound system. 

As companies continue to improve upon ways to serve consumers at home, what are the top challenges are they facing? What changes will stay for the long term versus short term? 

The challenge is to develop technology that is accessible and equitable so that more people can benefit and that no groups are excluded. A challenge is in how to validate the health benefits that can be achieved by using the technology.

What are SMB’s top unmet technology and service needs as they evolve business operations to serve customers in new ways?  

An unrealized promise is that technology can improve health and achieve better health outcomes. There is a great promise from the amazing technology that is being developed, and the challenge is to align the technology and innovation with the health outcome.

Can you comment on subscription-based services and the future of connectivity for consumers? What is your company’s vision for the consumer at home in 2025? 2030?  

We believe that knowledge is power and that technology can be used to put key information into the hands of people so they have to make better and more well-informed health decisions. This involves health literacy (understanding the health information), digital literacy (understanding how to use the technology) and digital health literacy (understanding how to apply the technology to improve health). 

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