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Handling Voluntary Churn - Insights from TiVo

Parks Associates continues its 4th annual Future of Video: OTT, Pay TV, and Digital Media conference with June 9 sessions, Retention and Churn in OTT, and Data and Decision Making in Video Services. Jon Heim, Sr. Director of Product Mangement, TiVo, will be featured as an interactive panelist during Retention and Churn in OTT from 12:15 PM to 1:15 PM CT. Prior to the session, Jon provided insights on how OTT services are using data to retain consumers:

How are OTT video services using data to acquire, engage, and retain customers? What are the latest use cases and technologies?

When looking at voluntary churn (that is – the customer makes a conscious decision to leave the service), two important things to consider are:

Content – If someone was subscribed to your service but left or their viewership decreased, what did they watch on someone else’s platform after yours? By leveraging viewership data and advanced metadata about what was watched, you can determine what kinds of content your customers are leaving for. This insight can help inform a provider on which assets they may want to make more discoverable, or surface gaps in their catalog they may want to address.

 Behavior – What behavioral factors are exhibited by customers that have churned? For example – when looking at customers who have churned, we may identify that a significant behavioral factor is that they rarely consume content on the weekend. Based on that, a provider can then create a targeted campaign to reach subscribers that are exhibiting that behavior but have yet to churn, to try and change that behavior. This is a hugely valuable tool in understanding why people have churned, and retaining people who were likely to churn absent any intervention.

As 5G technology becomes more widely available, how will it impact consumer entertainment? What are the most compelling use cases?

As someone who depends on 5G as my sole broadband connection, I feel like I’m uniquely qualified to answer this. 5G has impacted my family’s entertainment in the following ways –

My internet service is separate from my entertainment service(s). My provider only sells me internet service, and I’m no longer coerced into bundle deals with cable or satellite TV. This gives me the freedom to choose my entertainment services on their merits without having to be concerned about the impact on my internet service pricing. As such, the barrier to exit is lower making it easier to churn out of a given service in favor of another one.

I believe that with the onset of 5G, consumption will increase for those without traditional broadband via cable or fiber. Prior to 5G, we were on a 4G connection and had to monitor our usage to avoid throttling or messages from our provider threatening to terminate our service for using too much data (despite being on an ‘unlimited’ plan). With 5G providers are now offering plans that are intended to be used as primary household internet connections, with no throttling and no data caps. This has most definitely increased consumption in our household.

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