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Health Speaker Highlight – Connected Health Summit

Steve Chazin is’s Vice President of Products, He was able to join our Connected Health Summit in our Health and Home: Modern Lifestyles virtual session on November 30.

As Vice President of Products for, Steve defines next-generation offerings for protecting people at home, at work and beyond. Combining his extensive tech experience with keen insights of emerging consumer trends, Steve has a history of predicting the future, and is currently developing health and wellness solutions for a post Covid-19 world.

Here are some of Chazin’s highlighted insights:

What is the most valuable contribution wearables can make to the health space? Wearables enable Wellness Awareness, a new form of understanding about what is happening inside our bodies. In the past, only doctors had access to the tools needed to determine what was going on inside a human body. Now even very healthy athletes pay attention to what is occurring inside them which translates to improved health, wellness and even performance.  What’s more, access to these wearable devices has enabled us to better control our own health and wellness (and even the well-being of their remote loved ones), instead of abdicating that responsibility to doctors. This makes for a more engaged and responsible patient, which is something many doctors have long hoped for. Wellness awareness has the potential to improve our health and help us all lead better lives. 

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