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Top 10 Tech Trends in 2022: Expect ISP’s to Lean into Value-Added Services

Parks Associates recently published the Top 10 Connected Consumer Trends to Watch in 2022, where my colleagues and I weigh in on the top consumer technology trends we will see in 2022. One trend to look for is a move towards value-added services by ISPs, due to hardware delays.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the US broadband market experienced a period of major growth with net additions at a historic multi-year high. Parks Associates estimates over 5.2M net residential subscriptions were added across 2020, and 3M in the first half of 2021 alone. However, the supply chain crisis has led to extreme lead times for networking equipment and caused network buildouts to slow across Q3 and Q4, with customer additions greatly slowing as a result. This will intensify across 2022, and ISPs will be challenged to continue their network expansion and upgrade plans. ISPs will be looking to value added services like smart Wi-Fi applications and advanced security to drive revenues.

Throughout the year, Parks Associates will host in-person and virtual events to explore the impact of these trends on the smart home industry and adjacent ecosystems in the energy, entertainment, and health spaces. For more information on Parks Associates’ upcoming executive conferences, see the 2022 event schedule.

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