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Community Wi-Fi as a Service for Connected Experiences

Community Wi-Fi refers to shared wireless internet access provided to residents within a multifamily property. This service can be provided by property owners or third-party service providers and has become increasingly popular. Community Wi-Fi provides a cost-effective way for residents to access the internet without having to pay for individual subscriptions, and it can also offer higher connection speeds and reliability than cellular data plans.

In 2021, 88% of MDU property managers and owners reported offering a Wi-Fi network accessible by residents in their units, in common areas, or both locations.

However, there have been mixed experiences with community Wi-Fi. While some residents appreciate the convenience and affordability of the service, others have reported issues with slow speeds, inconsistent connectivity, and security concerns. Community Wi-Fi networks can be vulnerable to hacking and cyberattacks, which can compromise the personal information of residents. As a result, it is important for property owners and service providers to ensure that their community Wi-Fi networks are secure and reliable, and to address any issues that arise in a timely and effective manner. If security, reliability, and issue resolution are prioritized, community Wi-Fi has the potential to offer significant benefits to multifamily properties and their residents.

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