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Nimbio CONNECTIONS 2023 Breakfast Sponsor

Nimbio is participating as a breakfast sponsor for CONNECTIONS™ 2023. CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference, hosted by Parks Associates, taking place over the dates of May 23 – 25, in Frisco, TX. CONNECTIONS™ 2023 features an in-person conference May 23-25, 2023, with virtual sessions on July 20 and and October 5, focusing on the smart home market, home security, and new services for the home.

Nimbio makes any entry point with an electronic lock smart, allowing you to control access from anywhere with the Nimbio app. Whether it’s a gate, a buzzer building, or a locked entry point, Nimbio allows you to control entry with your phone, no matter where you are. Nimbio is a complete access control system that uses cellular internet to allow you to control your gate with your phone from anywhere.

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Virtual Sessions

  • Jul 20 2023  New Era of Home Services
  • Oct 5 2023  State of the Home Security Market

2023 In-person Conference | MAY 23-25, Omni Hotel, Frisco, Texas – co-located with the Connected Health Summit

  • May 23  Pre-show Research Workshop: Modern Living
  • May 24  Modern Living: Technology
  • May 25  Market Expansion

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