Supporting the Integration of New Tech in Homes

by Elizabeth Parks | Aug. 21, 2022

As the technology used in smart homes and security systems grows in complexity, consumers opting for professionally installed and monitored systems rely on their providers' expertise for configuration and support. This requirement is a growing concern for smaller integrators who fear that support costs will increase dramatically by including home controls with their installations. But while dealers report smart home devices have a high impact on support costs, the interactive services of these devices increase monthly revenue.

Only 5% of smart home device owners report having a support subscription service, so this valuable offering has plenty of room to expand.

Additionally, more training resources are available as newer, more complex products appear on the market. Product certifications, webinars, online resources, and mobile apps all help dealers reduce the number of truck rolls and subsequent support costs. The right education and training can prevent the development of trouble conditions on a customer account or other system issues, often increasing customer engagement and overall lifetime value.

Comprehensive training programs, when executed intentionally, can help technicians efficiently sell, install, and support smart home technology. Training is a meaningful investment for dealers of any size: by arming teams with the right educational tools, dealers can save time and money with more consistently successful installations.

The smart home market is incredibly fragmented, with various professional service ecosystems traditionally serving the consumer at home: security, HVAC, AV & custom installers, electricians, plumbers, and smart home/premium tech support installers. Continuing progress by the industry in integration capabilities across devices and systems creates an opportunity for all players willing to expand beyond established channels. The role of professional services, especially support, in the future will continue to grow in importance and value.

Parks Associates data shows:

Parks Associates addressed these issues last week during the CONNECTIONS special session, Special Roundtable: Smart Home Tech and the Pros: View from the Channel. Industry leaders from pro-service channels shared the challenges of connectivity and incorporating smart home technology into offerings.

During the session, we talked about the integration of new tech and the role of devices, systems, and services; the role of partnerships and interoperability (the Matter initiative came up a lot); dealer/integrator challenges, workforce, supply chain, and financing; and, future growth and overcoming challenges.

Featured speakers included:

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