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Smart Locks and Access Control Supply Chain: Scaling Innovation
Smart access control product and system manufacturers are under constant pressure to keep innovating.

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Smart Locks and Access Control Supply Chain: Scaling Innovation

The smart door lock market could benefit by re-evaluating its market structure and exploring ways to re-align industry relationships to drive the next wave of innovation at scale.

Typical use cases for smart door lock and access control systems:

  • Grant entrance access remotely
  • Receive electronic notifications of who is entering and leaving in real-time
  • Assign permanent and temporary virtual key with access schedules for specific days and times
  • Change or revoke access privileges at any time
  • Trigger tamper and forced entry alarms that warn of a possible break-in

Smart Locks Business Innovations

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PassiveBolt, a spin-off of Continental Automotive, has established itself as the first Tier-1 company in the smart lock and smart access control space (modeled after the auto industry). The company designs, produces, and supplies door lock manufacturers and access control platforms with underlying electronics, firmware, and cloud technologies. PassiveBolt serves as a force multiplier by supplying access control technologies that natively integrate OEMs ecosystem.

The smart lock and smart access control hardware market is rapidly commoditizing with very little opportunity for major innovations. However, OEMs require solutions with incremental improvements and/or customization that unlock key features and enhance user experience. As a Tier-1 partner, PassiveBolt takes on hardware and software design and production needs. PassiveBolt can thus support OEMs to transition out of advanced R&D and fully focus on integrations, user experience, and increasing market share.

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