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Smart Solutions - Boosting Revenue in Multifamily Properties
Smart tech is driving new revenue increases for MDUs and attracting residents through added amenities.

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Smart Solutions - Boosting Revenue in Multifamily Properties

This white paper addresses how connected devices benefit multifamily owners and property managers, from improving business efficiency to driving additional revenues, as well as opportunities in the emerging MDU market for product vendors and service operators. The research includes a snapshot of the current market for smart home solutions in MDUs and key considerations for both vendors and MDU owners and managers.

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Founded in 2017, SmartRent ($SMRT) is an enterprise smart home building technology platform for real estate owners, managers and residents. SmartRent's solutions provide seamless visibility and control over assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control offerings for residents. Our proprietary software integrates with third-party hardware and other software vendors to provide users with one centralized platform.

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